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History Happy Hour: Sisterhood of Spies

Sisterhood of Spies: History of Women in Espionage

March 22, 2018  | 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.  | The Willard Room at the Willard InterContinental

Hear the untold stories and harrowing accounts of history’s most famous female spies. From the covert intelligence operations of female agents during the Civil War, including Antonia Ford, Mary Bowser, Elizabeth Van Lew, Rose O’Neal Greenhow and Harriet Tubman, to World War 1 femme fatale Mata Hari, to American-chef Julia Child, Josephine Baker, Betty Pack and Virginia Hall during World War 2, to the female analyst who worked to capture Osama Bin Laden, History Happy Hour: Sisterhood of Spies examines the incredible history of the some of the most notable women in espionage.

In Conversation with:

Jim Hewes, Bartender, Round Robin Bar
Throughout his 30 years of working at the famed Round Robin Bar at the Willard InterContinental, Jim has established an internationally acclaimed reputation for not only his cocktails but for the history lessons he provides to patrons of the bar. “Jim Hewes is a walking DC History Channel and he makes a great Mint Julep,” says a frequent bar-goer. “Come for the drinks, stay for the history lesson.” Google Jim Hewes, Round Robin Bar, and nearly 11k search results appear. 90% of those search results speak to the famed mixologist that he is and the strong command of U.S. history that he possesses. A winner of DC Craft Bartender’s Guild Lifetime Achievement Award, and the 2017 Historian of the Year by Historic Hotels of America, Jim has become as synonymous with the Round Robin Bar as the bar is with the Willard InterContinental.

Amanda Ohlke, Adult Education Director, Exhibition and Programs, The International Spy Museum
Amanda Ohlke is SPY’s Adult Education Director.  Since 2004, she has been working on the exhibition development team and is involved in the creation of the new Spy Museum (to open in 2019).  She was heavily involved in developing the Museum’s Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains exhibit and Operation Spy immersive experience.  She curates unique public programs for the Museum including the only annual Trabant car rally in the United States, surveillance workshops in the streets of DC, and the Museum’s “Spy in the City™, GPS-based interactive missions drawn from real spy cases. She frequently represents the Museum in the media on historical espionage topics and has been specializing in notorious WWI femme fatale Mata Hari recently.

Tickets: $49 per person (21 yrs +) Admission includes (3) cocktails and light appetizers. Tickets are required for this event.


About History Happy Hour
Held monthly, this two-hour event distills American history through cocktails, while also providing attendees a hands-on class on the art of cocktail making. Led by Jim Hewes, a venerable mixologist and legendary bartender at The Willard’s iconic Round Robin Bar for over thirty years, and featuring rotating historians, authors, and journalists, History Happy Hour offers a mixology lesson “straight up” with history “served long”, a perfect pairing for cocktail aficionados and history buffs.